A commercial HVAC installation completed by Eastern Heat Pump & Mechanical.

Commercial HVAC Services

Why Choose Eastern?

Between exceptional customer service and a time honored expertise designed to meet both commercial HVAC and residential HVAC needs, the name Eastern Heat Pump & Mechanical has become synonymous with professionalism.

We set the bar high and aim to rise above it on all of our projects. Celebrated by our customers for our responsiveness and industry leading value, Eastern is the mechanical contractor your home or business deserves.

When you partner with Eastern Heat Pump & Mechanical, you can feel confident that our firm represents the best of:

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Our Process

Two simple steps is all it takes to start a commercial HVAC installation, repair or service project with us. Here’s our quick and easy process:

  1. You contact us for a free quote and estimate on your commercial HVAC project.
  2. Our team will discuss the details of your project in order to create your custom commercial HVAC quote.
  3. We inspect the project and submit our bid for your job.
  4. If you accept, we get started. Simple as that!

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Sample Projects

Before you reach out about your commercial HVAC needs, take a look at some of our past projects and contact us when you’re ready to get started!

Commonly Asked Commercial HVAC Questions

Just like the HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in your home, a commercial HVAC system delivers heated or cooled air to a commercial space, like a restaurant, retail chain, industrial facilities, and other big businesses.

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between a residential and commercial HVAC system comes down to size. Since commercial HVAC systems are tasked with cooling larger spaces, the components are larger than residential HVAC systems. The placement of the commercial HVAC system also differs from residential HVAC solutions, with the majority of commercial HVAC units situated on top of a commercial building.

Similar to residential HVAC systems, the cost of commercial HVAC systems is determined by many factors including what the business needs, the size of the building, and how it is used. Depending on these details, our team can determine a customized estimate for your commercial HVAC system.

The best commercial HVAC system varies based on the project. For the most accurate pricing and availability, contact us today.

With respect to heating, commercial HVAC systems require radiators or supply air systems to heat the air inside the property. The thermostat is key and controls the entire commercial HVAC system. Depending on the desired setting, a commercial HVAC thermostat will alert the HVAC system to either heat or cool the space in order to arrive at the requested temperature.

Sizing a commercial HVAC system for your business is simple, provided you follow this formula. Take the square footage of your commercial footprint, multiply it by 25, then divide by 12,000 and subtract 0.5. The total equals the tons required to effectively heat and cool your commercial property.