At Eastern Heat Pump & Mechanical, we provide exceptional commercial HVAC and residential HVAC services. We believe in quality workmanship and are committed to customer satisfaction in all of our HVAC repair and service requests.

Our list of services includes the following:


The beauty of partnering with an HVAC design-and-build contractor is that you have one point of contact for all your HVAC requests. Our team will leverage our expertise to design and then build your building’s HVAC system, leaving out the middleman and working directly with you through every step of the process.

Full Sheet Metal Duct Work Air Distribution System

considered the best choice by designers and HVAC installers, full sheet metal ductwork supports a more efficient, durable, and easy to install air distribution system for your commercial or residential HVAC needs.

Rooftop Package Units (RTU)

this HVAC system features all the necessary components required to deliver conditioned air from a single unit. We typically install these units in commercial properties, particularly industrial and retail businesses.

Mitsubishi Ductless and Multi-Installations

installed indoors, a Mitsubishi ductless unit that connects to an outdoor unit by a 3” opening in the exterior wall. These systems require refrigerants to cool or heat the air within a designated space and are available as single zone units or multi-zone units. Depending on the number of rooms and size of the space, our team will recommend a Mitsubishi single zone ductless system or a Mitsubishi multi-installation.

Traditional Split Systems

HVAC split systems require enough space inside a home or business to house an indoor cabinet, containing the evaporator coil and air handler, which passes cool air through the ductwork. An exterior cabinet houses the condenser and compressor. Traditional split systems are effective but take up more space than mini-split air conditioner options.

Exhaust and Vent Systems

A home’s exhaust ventilation system depressurizes the air in your home, exhausting air from the building, including humidity and excess heat in order to improve the overall air quality in the building.

Kitchen Exhaust and Hoods:

Installed above your home’s kitchen stove, kitchen exhaust and hoods feature a mechanical fan that filters and evacuates the air from your kitchen, specifically airborne elements resulting from combustion products, grease, smoke, steam, and other fumes.

VRF/City Multi Systems

City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems illuminate large commercial properties by providing exceptionally flexible and efficient heating and cooling throughout the space.

Heat pumps

How are ductless air conditioners, or mini split air conditioners, capable of heating and cooling without needing large indoor and outdoor units? The secret lies in energy-efficient heat pumps. They take advantage of heat’s tendency to move from warm areas to cool areas. In doing so, they are capable of heating and cooling while using a lot less energy.


As with a traditional heating and cooling system, mini split systems have indoor and outdoor components. In this case, however, the indoor and outdoor units are connected by suction lines, which draw away condensate, refrigerant lines, which facilitate the transfer of warm air, and power lines, which keep everything working correctly.

Indoor Units

With a mini split air conditioner, outdoor units are mounted on outside walls. There are also compact indoor units, which may be mounted on floors, ceilings or high up on walls. These units have blowers that deliver heated and cooled air to a specific area.

Ductless Mini Split Installations

Mini split air conditioners work similarly to other types of air conditioners in that they compress and expand refrigerant to pull away heat and moisture from the air. There are some significant differences between mini split air conditioners and other types of air conditioners, and they include:


If your business needs expert HVAC installation or service, our team is standing by to support you and provide cost-effective, honest solutions that fall within your budget. Whether yours falls under the municipal, financial, retail, restaurant or hospitality industry, we are confident that our HVAC expertise will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.


At Eastern Heat Pump & Mechanical, we get that your home is your refuge — the place where you’re the most comfortable and secure. In order to ensure optimal HVAC conditions for your home and family, our team delivers unparalleled expertise and will treat your home as though it was ours.